Intelligent Solutions

Our portfolio includes products and services that are designed and adjusted to our customers' objectives based on their particular needs and budget. Implementation based on ITIL practices, in order to meet the service levels that your projects or new services require.

Integra Software Integra Smart Cities Integra Networks Integra Telecom Integra Field Services

Integra Software

Through our business unit, Integra Software, we achieve productivity growth, risk reduction in business processes. Our IT services include consulting, software factory, cloud solutions and specialized IT outsourcing and secure practices implementation in all locations.

We provide system and process execution services using Lean Six Sigma to obtain improvements in your operation. Our engineers own a great expertise in integrations with different platforms as and software such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, among others.

  • Software Products
    • Cloud Wifi
    • Cloud Billing
    • Cloud Sales
    • Cloud Field Services
  • Consulting Services
    • System and process implementation services
    • Operation improvement through SixSigma
    • SAVIA
    • Sales force
    • ORACLE
    • BI and Big Data
  • Development, System Maintenance and Software Factory
    • New technologies for methologies and methologies
    • High volumes of programming
    • Cost reduction
    • Ease of Maintenance
    • Construction and Code
    • Unit Tests and Object Inventory
    • Specialized IT Outsourcing
    • Development, system maintenance and software factory
    • Application and perimeter security
    • IT Seedbed
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Integra Smart Cities

Integra Smart Cities provides specialized solutions in public security through cameras and incident detection equipment with artificial intelligence in security and control. Our purpose is to keep a permanent or semi-permanent record of events, thus providing protection in strategic areas (airports, stores, transportation stations, risk areas, government buildings, ports, banks, schools and urban areas). Integra´s objective is to improve quality of life and security index.

Smart City is a key public policy tool, through the strengthening and modernization of the operation, deployment, information and public security intelligence tools, providing the technological base, which allows the protection of millions of citizens. Its presence helps prevent and fight crime, and also facilitates the investigation of crimes.

  • Safe City
  • Video surveillance
  • Free and Licensed Band Links
  • LTE Communication
  • Communication Towers
  • Monitoring Centers
  • Advanced video analytics (facial recognition and plate reading)
  • Dispatch and data acquisition system (CAD)
  • Intelligent C4 / C5 equipment
  • Temperature, pollution, traffic, flooding and public lighting sensors
  • Turnkey projects (engineering and design to implementation and support)
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Integra Networks

Integra´s experienced engineers provide qualified solutions in all service levels. We always act with the premise of creating value to the market through efficient operations; consulting services, implementation and support; Integra networks is oriented to assist in planning and deploying your network infrastructure. We supply and integrate the main brands in the market, providing from design, implementation, customer service, monitoring and processes related to the operation.

Our specialized engineers will help you design a solution that will solve your business problems and provide you with the flexibility needed to respond to your future needs.

Integra Networks

  • Planning and deploying network infrastructure
  • Consulting Services
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Networking and Communications
  • Copper nets
  • GPON
  • Fiber Optic Networks
  • Wireless Net
  • Collaboration
  • Videoconference
  • Routing and switching
  • Security

Networking & Communications / Integrator

Integra is value added partner of:

  • Huawei Reseller
  • Cisco
  • Rukus
  • Ericsson
  • Nokia
  • Others
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Integra Telecom

Integra Telecom is the business unit specialized in offering connectivity and mission-critical services to the carrier, business and government markets. Our value offering includes Fiber Optic construction services, Dark Fiber Leasing, field services and managed services through the Integra NOC. We have trained engineers co-located in data centers, distributed around the country.

  • Connectivity Services
    • Carriers, Corporate and Government
    • Dark Fiber Leasing
    • Field Service
  • Fiber Optics Outside Plant
    • Rent
    • Construction
    • Permits
  • NOC/SOC:
    • Network Monitoring and Services
    • Managed Services
    • Registration, Cancellation and Change Services
    • Indicators
  • Connectivity and data center
    • Monitoring and Operations Center (DRP, Redundancy and Overflow of events)
    • Data center collocation
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Integra Field Services

We have the capacity to offer field services in more than 50 cities in Mexico, with effective responses to provide reliable support to their communication systems, security, access control, monitoring, wireless, infrastructure maintenance, among others, we have local staff trained to meet their needs, allowing us to safeguard the process of delivering the service performed, with high performance and excellence.

  • Field Services
    • Outside Plant
    • Internal Plant
    • Networking and IT Team
    • Maintenance and Implementations
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